Item Points Bonus Points
Pictures of:        (and pictures of stuff in books don't count!!!!!!!)    
Longhaired dachsund 10 -10 points for shorthair
Team in wigs 20  
Team on a fire engine 25  
Public nudity
(by a team member or random person)
Sign w/ any of our names
(Heather, Noelle, Giler, Richelle, Leigh, Singleton)
10 +5 for Giler, Richelle, or any two of our names together
The team in different boroughs
(picture must prove you were in that borough)
+10 for Staten island
Team with the furthest uptown/downtown subway stations visited during hunt 10  
Team wearing nypd or nyfd uniforms
(doesn't have to be full uniform, but we have to be able to tell your NYPD or NYFD)
What the team would buy us if funds were unlimited 5  
Pair of twins in a double baby carriage 15  
Dog walker with more than three dogs  15 (+1 for every dog over 3)
Public advertisements completely in other languages  5/
A tourist in an i <3 ny t-shirt 10  
A hot dog vendor eating his own hot dog 15  
Team members doing a hand/head stand in front of reputable landmark 10  
The clock in gct's central terminal 10  
An arcade game which predates 1985 20  
A pinball machine which features a Hollywood movie 5  
A bar with more than 10 beers on tap (must show tap) 10  
The largest bottle of champagne (pic must be with team member to scale for measurement purposes) 10  
An active crime scene 50  
Team members wearing a safety cone as a hat 10  
Cheapest roll of toilet paper (pic of price and brand, store location) 10  
Person on stilts 15  
Person on unicycle 15  
Person on stilts or unicycle juggling 25  
A celebrity sighting 20  
A team member posing with a bride 15  
Team member posing on top of a red NYC sightseeing bus 15  
A sign written in "Engrish" 15  
Recording of:    
Non-team member saying happy birthday in a foreign language 20  
Someone speaking with a cajun accent 10  
Team climbing artwork 10  
Team member behind a bar, serving 10  
Team member driving a central park horse carriage 30  
A performing arts act on a subway platform 10  
Team members re-enacting famous Hollywood NYC scene 25  
The naked cowboy saying happy birthday  15 +5 if he sings it
Team members doing cartwheels on a midtown avenue 20  
A kiss in front of a reputable landmark  10 +5 if a team member kisses a stranger
Strangers playing hopscotch with a team member 15  
Stuff to procure:    
Matchbooks/coasters from bars/restaurants that were in Sex & the City 1/venue  
Best team costume worn at finish line, procured during hunt 30  
Beer or non-alcholic drinks (to share at the party at Bill's) 20  
Appetizers/snacks (something more substantial than chips, to share at the party at Bill's) 20  
A caricature of the team (professional or otherwise) 10  
Best price on a six pack of beer (must have receipt) 5  
Final bonus points:
Team that scavenged the most items  10  
Team that scavenged the funniest image (voted by applause at the party) 10  
Most creative team (voted by applause at the party) 15